I told a transformation story about how I saw that
communication, truth, and trust are at the heart of power.
That was freedom.

~ Carlos Fernando Flores Labra
Chilean cabinet minister


The Roots of Coaching

Holly’s caregiver coaching and her life transition coaching are rooted in the theories of Action Language (Searles, Flores, and others). Life coaching insights, tools, and exercises are integrated with various principles of alternative healing, mind/body practices, and New Thought. These principles are laid out in “The Caregiver’s Compass” in a form that can be used equally well by non-caregivers. “The Caregiver’s Reader” further explores Mindful Caregiving, and includes 6+ pages of caregiver resources, as well as the profoundly useful “housecleaning” exercise, and coaching on how to get help, excerpted from “The Caregiver’s Compass”. The book covers a range of topics, including “Surviving Family Gatherings”, “Stuck in Limiting Beliefs”, “Learned Helplessness”, “Sibling Damage Control” and others. A “TurningPoints” handbook is also in the works.

Holly coaches by phone, email, or in person, hourly or on retainer. She offers workshops and support groups through The Lotus Foundation in Newburyport, MA.

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About Holly

Holly has been a life coach since 1990, was a caregiver for ten years, and has been a caregiver’s coach for five years. Throughout her caregiving, she applied to herself the life coaching principles she had been teaching others.

She then published the resulting set of principles and tools in her book, The Caregiver’s Compass, a handbook for emotional balance. Her memoir, Exploring Hell and Other Warm Places, shares an intimate mother/daughter caregiving story.

As a caregiver’s coach, Holly helps caregivers to create an easier, more fulfilling caregiving experience for themselves, and for their loved ones or clients.


Statement of Philosophy:
Holly believes that wellness in caregivers breeds optimal wellness in their clients and loved ones. As caregivers learn this new language of what it means to be a caregiver, they eliminate the energy drains of caregiving. They become more available in heart and mind as they tend to their own balance and vitality.

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